Alexey A. Basharin

Prof.Ph.D. Alexey A. Basharin

National University of Science and Technology (MISiS), Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Technologies

Multipoles contributions in electromagnetics

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Alin Achim

Prof.PhD. Alin Achim

Faculty of Engineering, University of Bristol

Inverse Problems in Computational Ultrasound Imaging

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Christof Jonietz

Prof.Ph.D. Christof Jonietz

School of Engineering and Architecture, SRH University Heidelberg

Recent Advances in Verification Technologies for European Land Border Crossing Points

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Florin Ciocan

Ing. Florin Ciocan

Ecosystem Manager Nokia România Nokia

5G - The Future X Network

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Pavol Bauer

Prof. Ph.D. Pavol Bauer

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Electric Vehicles - key to Energy Transition

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Peter van Duijsen

Dr. Peter van Duijsen

TU Delft / Simulation Research, The Netherlands

DC Grid architectures and their control and protection

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