Dr. Peter van Duijsen

TU Delft / Simulation Research, The Netherlands

Peter van Duijsen

Topic: DC Grid architectures and their control and protection

Dr. Peter van Duijsen has worked with computer simulation and power electronics for nearly 30 years. After receiving his Masters in Electrical Engineering, and working at the Technical University of Delft, he founded Simulation Research and developed the simulation program CASPOC. He received a PhD degree in 2003 in the field of Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronic Systems. Currently he heads the research and development department at Simulation Research. Since 2008 he is a guest lecturer at the Korean University of Technology and has a close cooperation with the Technical University of Delft regarding DC grids, storage and wireless power transfer.
Dr van Duijsen co-authored several textbooks in the field of Power Electronics, Drives, Solar, Wind and eVehicles and is involved in the development of educational training hardware in the field of renewable energy