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International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications 2020

Full Program

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Thursday, 5 November 2020
  • Welcome speech - Prof. PhD. Eng. Marius Oteşteanu,
  • Invited speaker - Prof. Ph.D. Pavol Bauer, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Power Flow and Protection in LVDC Systems
  • Invited speaker - Assoc. Prof. Ph.D Ladislau Matekovits, Italy - Deeply Implanted Planar Antennas: Challenges, Designs and Performances

11.30 - Honorary professor awarding ceremony - Assoc. Prof. Ph.D Ladislau Matekovits

Artificial Intelligence and Computer VisionInstrumentation and MeasurementOpen Education and Emerging TechnologiesPower Electronics

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 1


Chairman: Dr. Viorica Patraucean (Deep Mind, United Kingdom)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Mihai Ivanovici (Transilvania University Brasov)


  • Invited speaker - Dr. eng. Tudor Nicosevici Head of ADAS Advanced Engineering Romania – Continental Automotive Romania, AI in Autonomous Driving: from Sensors to Decisions


  1. 12.20:00-12:40 Deep CNN for Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Focal Liver Lesions Diagnosis, Cristina Laura Sîrbu, Georgiana Simion, Cătălin Daniel Căleanu
  2. 12:40-13:00 Color fractal texture image complexity estimation using a convolutional neural network, Mihai Ivanovici, Cosmin Hatfaludi, Radu-Mihai Coliban
  3. 13:00-13:20 Advanced Quantization Methods for CNNs, Norbert Mitschke, Michael Heizmann
  4. 13:20-13:40 People Detection in a Depth Sensor Network via Multi-View CNNs trained on Synthetic Data, Johannes Wetzel, Samuel Zeitvogel, Astrid Laubenheimer, Michael Heizmann
  5. 13:40-14:00 Head Gesture Recognition based on 6DOF Inertial sensor using Artificial Neural Network, Ionut-Cristian Severin, Dan-Marius Dobrea

Instrumentation and Measurement 1


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Ph.D Ladislau Matekovits (Politechnica di Torino)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Aldo De Sabata (Politehnica University Timișoara)


  • Invited speaker - Igor Bulavitchi, Senior Design and Engineering Manager Flex, Developing medical devices: User needs, Technology, Regulatory


  1. 12.20:00-12:40 Modified Langendorff vibrating fluid column device for improved rat heart decellularization experiments, Daniel Dumitru Bonciog, Mihaela Ruxandra Lascu, Liliana Mâțiu – Iovan, Raul Ionel, Caius Alexandru Burian, Valentin Laurențiu Ordodi,
  2. 12:40-13:00 Virtual Instrumentation based Prototype for  Evaluation of the Cardiac Systolic Function, Liliana Mâțiu-Iovan, Valentin Ordodi, Raul Ionel, Daniel Bonciog
  3. 13:00-13:20 EMC Simulation of an Automotive Ethernet Interface, Andrei-Marius Silaghi, Aldo De Sabata
  4. 13:20-13:40 EMC Characteristics of Helical Antennas used in Automotive Testing, Andrei-Ovidiu Neiconi, Octavian-Teodor Pacurar, Aldo De Sabata
  5. 13:40-14:00 Spectrum Occupancy Measurements in the Wi-Fi Band with a PCB Antenna, Octavian-Teodor Pacurar, Cornel Balint, Cora Iftode, Andrei-Marius Silaghi, Aldo De Sabata
  6. 14:00-14:20 LTE Band Filtering Applications of a Fractal Based Frequency Selective Surface, Adrian-Petru Buta, Andrei-Marius Silaghi, Aldo De Sabata, Ladislau Matekovits

Open Education and Emerging Technologies 1


Chairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Carmen Holotescu (Ioan Slavici University)

Cochairman: PhD.Eng. Diana Andone (Politehnica University Timisoara)


  1. 12:00-12:20 Auto-Generative Learning Objects for Learning Linked Lists Concepts, Felicia Mirabela Costea, Ciprian Bogdan Chirila, Vladimir Ioan Cretu
  2. 12.20:00-12:40 Security threats in IoT, Octavia Georgiana Dorobantu, Simona Halunga,
  3. 12:40-13:00 Education 4.0: Smart Blended Learning Assisted by Artificial Intelligence, Biofeedback and Sensors, Monica Ioniță Ciolacu, Paul Svasta, Daniela Hartl, Stefanie Görzen
  4. 13:00-13:20 Online versus On-site e-Assessment in Medical Education: are we ready for the change?, Romeo-Minodoru Coșniță, Anca-Maria Cimpean, Marius Raica

Power Electronics 1


Chairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Peter J. van Duijsen (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Dan Lascu (Politehnica University Timisoara)


  • Invited Paper - Peter J. van Duijsen, Diëgo C. Zuidervliet, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, CEO Simulation Research, The Hague University of Applied Sciences,  Structuring, Controlling and Protecting the DC Grid



  1. 12.30:00-12:50 Power source of sinusoidal voltage and variable frequency, Florin Lucian Morgos, Nistor Daniel Trip, Traian Adrian Burca, Cornelia Emilia Gordan, George Ciprian Gal, Adriana Maria Cuc,
  2. 12:50-13:10 Soft Switched Multiphase Converter with Parallel Resonant DC-Link Circuit, Wensong Shen, Folker Renken
  3. 13:10-13:30 Automotive Lead-Acid Battery Supplied DC-DC Power Converter with Variable Output Voltage, Tibor G. Fodor, Helga M. Silaghi, Alexandru M. Silaghi
  4. 13:30-13:50 A New Multiphase ZVT-PWM Synchronous Buck Converter, Wensong Shen, Folker Renken
  5. 13:50-14:10 A New Buck Converter with Hybrid Switching, Evelyn-Astrid Lovasz, Dan Lascu
Open Education and Emerging TechnologiesSignal ProcessingTelecommunications

Open Education and Emerging Technologies 2


Chairman: Assoc.Prof.PhD.Eng. Bogdan Orza (Technical University Cluj-Napoca)

Cochairman: Prof. PhD.Eng. Radu Vasiu (Politehnica University Timisoara)


  1. 14:00-14:20 Student cluster analysis based on Moodle data and academic performance indicators, Marian Bucos, Bogdan Drăgulescu
  2. 14.20:00-14:40 To “paint“ with Human Tissues and Modern Technology: This is Art in Histology Gamification, Anca Maria Cîmpean, Romeo Minodoru Coșniță, Marius Raica,
  3. 14:40-15:00 Augmenting Learning through VR Storytelling, Roxana Ticala, Aurelia Ciupe, Șerban Meza, Bogdan Orza
  4. 15:00-15:20 Helios - an integrated platform for e-education, Cosmin Striletchi, Mircea-Florin Vaida

Signal Processing 1-Modern Image Processing Applications,

Satellite and Radar Signal Processing


Chairman: Romulus Terebes (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca),

Cochairman: Corina Nafornita (Politehnica University of Timisoara).


  1. 14:00-14:20 Comparison of Two Compressive Sensing Algorithms for Automotive Radar, Corina Nafornita, Alexandru Isar, Teodor Dehelean, Ioan Nafornita,
  2. 14:20-14:40 Wavelet Based Adaptive Detection of Automotive Radar Single Target with Low SNR, Alexandru Isar, Corina Nafornita, Adrian Macaveiu, Georgiana Magu,
  3. 14:40-15:00 Local binary patterns and Fourier transform based hyperspectral image classification, Andreia Miclea, Romulus Terebes, Serban Meza
  4. 15:00-15:20 Improved 3D Co-Occurrence Matrix for Texture Description and Classification, Stefania Ramona Barburiceanu, Romulus Terebes, Serban Meza,
  5. 15:20-15:40 Multiple Radar Targets Tracking and Trajectories Fitting, Georgiana Magu, Radu Lucaciu,
  6. 15:40-16:00 Object classification using frequency analysis, Cristinel Pop, Gabriel Mihail Danciu,

Telecommunications 1- Antennas


Chairman: Tudor Palade (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca),

Cochairman: Florin Alexa (Politehnica University of Timisoara).


  1. 14:00-14:20 Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Antenna – Theory of Horizontal and Vertical Patterns, Gheorghe Minteuan, Tudor Palade,
  2. 14:20-14:40 Simulation of Automotive MIMO Radar, Bogdan Tudoroniu, Dorina Isar,
  3. 14:40-15:00 Performance evaluation of sub-band MVDR beamforming for IEEE 802.11ac wideband signals, Rares Buta, Cristian Codau, Andra Pastrav, Tudor Palade, Paul Dolea, Emanuel Puschita,
  4. 15:00-15:20 Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for LTE-NR Downlink MIMO Systems, Gordana Barb, Marius Oteșteanu, Marius Roman,
  5. 15:20-15:40: First Fresnel Ellipse Evaluation, Călin Simu, Andy Vesa.
[Power Electronics]

Power Electronics 2


Chairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Folker Renken (Jade University of Applied Sciences)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Peter J. van Duijsen (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)


  1. 15:00-15:20 A New Step-Up Watkins-Johnson Derived Converter, Cristian Ionici,
  2. 15:20-15:40 A Novel Single Switch Step-Up Converter with High Conversion Ratio, Delia-Anca Botila, Dan Lascu
  3. 15:40-16:00 Fourth-Order Buck-Boost Converters Exhibiting Minimum Phase by Reverse Inductor Coupling, Bianca Lazar, Dan Lascu
  4. 16:00-16:20  A New Quadratic Step-Down Converter, Alexandru-Adrian Cauc, Ioana-Monica Pop-Calimanu, Marius Pop-Calimanu
  5. 16:20-16:40 A New Step-Up Converter with Coupled Inductor, Gabriela-Madalina Jude, Ioana-Monica Pop-Calimanu, Dan Lascu
  6. 16:40-17:00 A Generalized Model for Single-Switch Stacked Step-Down Converters, Septimiu Lica, Ioan Lie, Alexandru Nicolae Wegner, Ioana-Monica Pop-Calimanu
Artificial Intelligence and Computer VisionInstrumentation and MeasurementSignal ProcessingTelecommunications

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 2


Chairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Cătălin Daniel Căleanu (Politehnica University Timisoara)

Cochairman: Assoc.Prof.PhD.Habil.Eng. Dan-Marius Dobrea (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Iasi)


  1. 16.00:00-16:20 A survey on outlier detection methods applied on air quality data

Iuliana-Andreea Stroia-Vlad, Gabriel Mihail Danciu

  1. 16:20-16:40 Analyzing parking lots vacancy detection algorithms using Mask R-CNN implementations

Razvan Vilceanu, Mihai Onita, Andrei Ternauciuc

  1. 16:40-17:00 TeLU: a new activation function for Deep Learning

Marina Adriana Mercioni, Stefan Holban

  1. 17:00-17:20 ARM Embedded Low Cost Solution for Implementing Deep Learning Paradigms

Ioan Lucan Orășan, Cătălin Daniel Căleanu

  1. 17:20-17:40 P-Swish: Activation Function With Learnable Parameters Based on Swish Activation Function in Deep Learning

Marina Adriana Mercioni, Stefan Holban

Instrumentation and Measurement 2


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Ph.D Ladislau Matekovits (Politechnica di Torino)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Aldo De Sabata (Politehnica University Timișoara)


  1. 16.:00-16:20 A practical implementation for an instrument to measure displacement of pendulum wire

Ioan Ciascai, Adrian Mocan,

  1. 16:20-16:40 An Application of Automation Solutions in Dynamically Water Supply Networks

Calin Ciufudean, Corneliu Buzduga

  1. 16:40-17:00 Parameter Monitoring and Logging of a Thermo-Electric Hybrid Solar System

Roland Szabo

  1. 17:00-17:20 Modelling an OPC UA client application for predictive maintenance support

Ligia-D. Chiorean, Mircea-F. Vaida, Horia Hedesiu

  1. 17:20-17:40 Experimental and Analytical Study of the Electric Potential using Lagrange Polynomials

Beatrice Arvinti, Dumitru Toader, Daniela Vesa, Marius Costache

  1. 17:40-18:00 Accurate Measurement of the rms of a Sine-wave by Means of Low-Cost rms-to-dc Convertes

Daniel Belega, Gabriel Gasparesc

Signal Processing 2- Image Processing and Statistical Signal Processing Applications


Chairman: Corneliu Rusu (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca),

Cochairman: Alexandru Isar (Politehnica University of Timisoara)


  1. 16:00-16:20 Spectral Component Analysis of Magnetically Unshielded Magnetocardiograms,

Beatrice Arvinti, Rony Stolz, Marius Costache,

  1. 16:20-16:40 Preconditioned K-SVD for ECG Anomaly Detection,

Nicolae Cleju, Iulian Ciocoiu,

  1. 16:40-17:00 Integrating Service Robots into Everyday Life Based on Audio Capabilities,

Toma Telembici, Lacrimioara Grama, Corneliu Rusu,

  1. 17:00-17:20 About the positivity of trigonometric polynomials with positive samples,

Corneliu Rusu, Jaakko Astola,

  1. 17:20-17:40 Color quotient based mask detection,

Ioan Buciu,

  1. 17:40-18:00 Contrasts Comparison of Same Cases of Chest Pathologies for Radiography and Tomosynthesis,

Oleksandra Miroshnychenko, Sergii Miroshnychenko, Andrii Nevgasymyi, Yurii Khobta,

Telecommunications 2 – IoT and data bases


Chairman: Virgil Dobrotă (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca),

Cochairman: Cornel Balint (Politehnica University of Timisoara)


  1. 16,00-16,20: Distributed Internet of Things Framework using Dual Core Blackfin Microcomputer,

Sorin Zoican, Marius Vochin, Roxana Zoican, Dan Galatchi,

  1. 16,20-16,40: Containerized Application for IoT Devices: Comparison between balena Cloud and Amazon Web Services Approaches,

Robert Botez, Vlad Strautiu, Iustin-Alexandru Ivanciu, Virgil Dobrota,

  1. 16,40-17,00: IoT Based Intelligent Building Applications in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic,

Cristina Stolojescu-Crișan, Bogdan-Petru Butunoi, Călin Crișan,

  1. 17,00-17,20: IoT Applications based on MQTT Protocol,

Maria Popescu, Daniel Zinca,

  1. 17,20-17,40: Couchbase Server in Microsoft Azure Cloud: A Docker Container Approach,

Calin-Marian Iurian, Iustin-Alexandru Ivanciu, Virgil Dobrotă.

  • Invited speakerDumitru ERHAN, Google Brain, USA, Deep Learning for Video Processing
Friday, 6 November 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Computer VisionSignal ProcessingTelecommunications

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 3


Chairman: Prof.Ph.D.Eng. Michael Heizmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Habil.Eng. Cătălin Daniel Căleanu (Politehnica University Timisoara)


  • Invited speaker - Dan Pescaru, R&D Research Director, Vasile Gui, Chief Researcher, Everseen Limited, Action Recognition: Fighting Data Dimensionality


  1. 9.20:00-9:40 Face Recognition Using Tensors and Gradient Descriptors

Claudia Cristina Oprea, Laura Maria Dogariu

  1. 9:40-10:00 Deep Learning based Eye Gaze Tracking for Automotive Applications

Adrian Bublea, Cătălin Daniel Căleanu

  1. 10:00-10:20 Smart Mirror for Skin Type Identification

Ademona Dragomir, Georgiana Simion, Iasmina Ermalai

  1. 10:20-10:40 Generative Adversarial Networks for Total Electron Content Prediction

Cristian Damian, Daniela Coltuc

  1. 10:40-11:00 RD-CNN: A Compact and Efficient Convolutional Neural Net for Sound Classification

Radu Dogaru, Ioana Dogaru

Signal Processing 3- Analysis and Synthesis of Signal Processing Systems


Chairman: Constantin PALEOLOGU (Politehnica University of Bucharest),

Cochairman: Alexandru ISAR (Politehnica University Timisoara)


  1. A Regularized RLS Algorithm for the Identification of Third-Order Tensors,

Camelia Elisei-Iliescu, Constantin Paleologu, Jacob Benesty, Cristian Stanciu, Cristian Anghel,

  1. LMS Algorithms for Multilinear Forms

Laura-Maria Dogariu, Constantin Paleologu, Jacob Benesty, Cristina Oprea, Silviu Ciochina,

  1. Cascaded adaptive filters in a bilinear approach for system identification

Alexandru George Rusu, Silviu Ciochina

  1. Keeping the subthreshold all along the transients. The WTA unbounded domain case,

Ruxandra Costea, Corneliu Marinov,

  1. A Novel VLSI Algorithm for a Low Complexity VLSI Implementation of DCT Based on Pseudo Circular Correlation Structures,

Doru Florin Chiper, Laura-Teodora Cotorobai,

  1. Aspects of Time Series Analysis with Entropies and Complexity Measures,

Dorel Aiordachioaie, Theodor Dan Popescu,

Telecommunications 3- Wireless and semiconductor manufacturing


Chairman: Ion Marghescu (Politehnica University of Bucharest),

Cochairman: Georgeta Budura (Politehnica University of Timisoara)


  1. 9:30-9:50: Network Self-Similar Traffic Generator with Variable Hurst Parameter,

Adrian Savu-Jivanov, Alexandru Isar, Cristina Stolojescu, Janos Gal,

  1. 9:50-10:10: Traffic Engineering and QoS in a Proposed MPLS-VPN,

Ema-Maria Galeș, Victor Croitoru,

  1. 10:10-10:30 Single Tier Heterogeneous Traffic Generator based on Traffic Statistics,

Alexandru Bobaru, Georgeta Budura, Cornel Balint,

  1. 10:30-10:50: Novel Software Defined Radio Testbed for Spectrum Occupancy Measurements,

Alexandru Martian, Călin Vlădeanu, Ion Marghescu,

  1. 10:50-11:10: Correlating electrical and process parameters for yield detractors' detec Ciprian Pop, Elena-Diana Șandru, Andi Buzo, Georg Pelz,
Advances on Intelligent Electronic SystemsArtificial Intelligence and Computer VisionSignal ProcessingTelecommunications

Advances on Intelligent Electronic Systems


Chairman: Aurel GONTEAN (Politehnica University Timisoara),

Cochairman: Dorina ISAR (Politehnica University Timisoara)


  1. 12:00-12:20 Time-multiplexed 10Gbps Ethernet-based Integrated Logic Analyzer for FPGAs

Stefan Popa, Mihai Ivanovici, Radu Coliban,

  1. 12:20-12:40 Automation of water meter testing using stepper motors

Fabian-Manuel Butean, Marius Adrian Jucut, Ioan Lie

  1. 12:40-13:00 Communication and Verification for Radar Sensors in the context of Driver Assistance Systems

Loredana Lavinia Staicu, Robert Valentin Puiu, Razvan Bogdan, Mihaela Crișan-Vida, Marius Marcu

  1. 13:00-13:20 About the possibility to use the model based testing for system test automation

Cristina Georgiana Haiducu, Ioan Lie

  1. 13:20-13:40 Security System with High Autonomy of Operation

Lorant Andras Szolga, Ionut Pavelea

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 4


Chairman: Dr. Viorica Patraucean (Deep Mind, United Kingdom)

Cochairman: Prof.PhD.Eng. Radu Dogaru (Politehnica University of Bucharest)


  • Invited speaker - Mario Florea, Software Technical Lead, Imagination Technologies Group plc, Imagination technologies


  1. 12:20-12:40 End-to-End Computer Vision Framework

Ciprian Orhei, Muguras Mocofan, Silviu Vert, Radu Vasiu,

  1. 12:40-13:00 Intention prediction of car drivers at inner city junctions

Hannes Weinreuter, Nadine-Rebecca Strelau, Barbara Deml, Michael Heizmann

  1. 13:00-13:20 Diseases detection on medical images using light-weight Convolutional Neural Networks for resource contrained platforms

Alin Cococi, Daniel Armanda, Iulian Felea, Radu Dogaru

  1. 13:20-13:40 Efficient analysis of digital systems’ supplied data

Alexandru Dinu, Gabriel Mihail Danciu, Petre Lucian Ogruțan

  1. 13:40-14:00 Day and Night vehicle detection system using 2D-DWT and CNN for traffic monitoring

Ibtissam Slimani, Abdelmoghit Zaarane, Wahban Al Okaishi, Issam Atouf, Mohamed Benrabh

  1. 14:00-14:20 An automated Vehicle Detection System during Day and Night using CNN for Driving Assistance

Abdelmoghit ZAARANE, Ibtissam Slimani, Wahban Al Okaishi, Issam Atouf, Mohamed Benrabh

Signal Processing 4 - Adaptive Signal Processing and Digital Signal Processing Applications

Chairman: Constantin Paleologu (Politehnica University of Bucharest),

Cochairman: Corina Nafornita (Politehnica University of Timisoara)


  1. 12:00-12:20 Image encryption algorithm using wavelet packets and multiple chaotic maps,

Corina Macovei, Mircea Raducanu, Octaviana Datcu,

  1. 12:20-12:40 Compressive sensing based watermarking as a security layer for computational imaging applications,

Cristina Popa, Daniela Coltuc,

  1. 12:40-13:00 A Forensics System for Live-Audio Watermarking,

Valentin-Adrian Nita,

  1. 13:00-13:20 Cross-correlation based automatic segmentation of medial phonemes,

Emilian-Erman Mahmut, Stelian Nicola, Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar,

  1. 13:20-13:40 On Using ReSpeaker Mic Array 2.0 for speech processing algorithms,

Septimiu Mischie, Gabriel Gășpăresc,

  1. 13:40-14:00 An innovative algorithm for data differencing,

Sabin Belu, Daniela Coltuc,

Telecommunications 4- Network Security and Telecommunications Applications


Chairman: Luminița Scripcaru (Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, Iasi),

Cochairman: Horia Balta (Politehnica University of Timisoara)


  1. 12,00-12,20: On Overview of Sign-On Risks and Solutions,

Luminița Scripcariu, Florin Mocanu,

  1. 12,20-12,40: Volumetric Distributed Denial-of-Service and Session Replay Attacks-Resistant AAA-RADIUS Solution Based on EAP and LDAP,

Gabriel-Cătălin Cristescu, Victor Croitoru,

  1. 12,40-13,00: The Design of a Crowd Density Checker App in Android with People Localization Using the GPS from the Mobile Device,

Roland Szabo,

  1. 13,00-13,20: Extending the libtins library with SIP and RTP classes,

Adrian Costin, Daniel Zinca,

  1. 13,20-13,40: Smart Illumination for Large Area Buildings Using RF Communication,

Lorant Andras Szolga, Mihai Boca.


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